Daniel Farke: The players will learn from this

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke described Saturday’s 5-0 defeat to Manchester City as a learning experience for his players.

“We knew before the season started that these games were not the games where we would have to make sure we stay in the league,” he said.

“It was a tough day today to face Manchester City in the first time in two years they are allowed to play in front of an excited home crowd, and the first time after they won the title.

“They presented their silverware today and were highly motivated with a point to prove after an unlucky result in the first game day for them.

“Nevertheless, we are disappointed with the result and especially with the way that we conceded four times the same goal - their players getting in behind my left-back for an easy tap-in.

“We were a bit unlucky with the second phase after the set piece for Laporte’s goal, but I’m disappointed with how we conceded the other four goals.

“We prepared the whole week because City always plays like this with a chipped ball or low pass behind the last row and the right winger tries to be there with the movement.

“I wish we defended those situations with a bit more individual quality but we didn’t today so we have to accept the loss.”

Farke made two changes at half-time, Bali Mumba and Kenny McLean replacing Dimitris Giannoulis and Lukas Rupp respectively.

“It was a tough first half for Dimi,” he said. “It’s a tough start for him and his first time playing on this level. Last week, he faced Mo Salah who finished the game with one goal and two assists.

“I wanted to wait at least until half-time not to embarrass him too much and we have to accept it’s his first time playing on this level. He needs to adapt and he knows that he has to fulfil the role with a bit more quality.

“He’s an important player for us and we need him in top shape and he will adapt to this level, no doubt about it. 

“Bali affected the game but conceded twice the same goal. I was a bit disappointed with his behaviour for the fifth goal because you can’t play offside and just throw the arm up in the air.

“These are young players. Just one year ago he was a substitute for Sunderland so I don’t expect them to cut the Premier League into pieces.

“Today was not good enough in terms of defending behaviour but the players will learn from this. I’m happy that they learn from games against Liverpool and Man City because there are other games when we have to be top in our behaviour.

“Even if we had a perfect day, there’d be no guarantee we would have won this game. We take it as lessons learned and we know we have to fulfil our tactical role against the ball with more quality to be competitive.

“We will stick together and there’s no punishment for an individual player. We are happy that we have Bali, who is a great guy and great player who will step up, the same with Dimi.”

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