Daniel Farke: The result is not a fair reflection of the game

Daniel Farke described football as ‘the most unfair sport in the world’ following Friday’s 1-1 draw away to Preston North End.

Norwich looked comfortable for the majority of the second half after taking the lead in the 17th minute, before Preston equalised in the 95th minute, despite four minutes being added.

“It’s disappointing when you concede such a sucker punch in the 95th minute,” Farke said. “The game was more or less over because there were four minutes of additional time. Four minutes were over when Tim Krul put the ball up front and everyone was expecting the final whistle, but we then conceded and of course I’m disappointed.

“We missed too many chances to win the game within strange and difficult circumstances. In many topics, it was a top game and our performance was really good here in a difficult away game.

“The result is actually a joke. It’s not a fair reflection of the game because we had a really good first half and could have been in the lead by more at half-time.

“In the second half, we didn’t allow them to have one shot on our goal, we missed too many but we looked rock solid in terms of defending. In football, everything can happen. If you don’t score the second goal, it can be the most unfair sport in the world.

“We had so many young lads on the pitch who showed a great performance, attitude and mentality and they didn’t deserve to concede that late. They deserved to celebrate but in this situation we didn’t have pressure on the ball, allowed them to play long ball, we lost the first and second ball and it wasn’t even a chance and Krul would have stopped it but it was twice deflected and in the end went through the legs of Andrew on his full debut. Unbelievably unlucky for the lads.

“They have to grow and learn to play, although everyone expected the final whistle after four minutes, if he decides then to add a fifth minute you have to do this in a serious way. This hurts and everyone is disappointed. When the dust has settled, you have to say it was a good performance and we edge one point closer.

“I was pleased with all the players who have been away on international duty and in general with my whole team. We couldn’t prepare for this game. Yesterday, at mid-day we didn’t know who could travel and we travelled without Max Aarons or Dimitris Giannoulis. It wasn’t possible for Oliver Skipp to start.

“I’m grateful Kenny and Grant showed such great character to be there with really good performances but it’s difficult for them. They had World Cup qualifiers and the Euros are coming closer. Until yesterday their thoughts were with the Scottish national squad, then I have to tell them this is the most important game. How they handled this shows great mentality.

“We have to make sure this is not costly in the end and we still have something to celebrate at the end of the season.

“Dimitris didn’t sleep at all and I wanted to take him but he looked like a zombie, so I had to send him home and hopefully he’ll be recovered for Tuesday. It was a bit easier for Max but he arrived at half four at Colney yesterday morning. He had a hit on his ankle which was pretty swollen so no possibility to travel with us. I hope he’s available for Tuesday.

“Top class performance from Andrew. I wasn’t nervous at all. He played a major part in why we were so solid today. They tried everything, changed formation and had all their offensive players on the pitch but I think he was fantastic. It wasn’t just a gift, he fully deserved it because I felt over recent weeks and months he has grown a lot in training. We could have played with Tettey or Sorensen in this role but he fully deserved his debut. I feel sorry for him but it was a really good performance.

“It’s important at this stage of the season to show an unbeaten mentality. Before today, one point would have been a really good result here. We were so close to three but I’m not worried at all with the attitude. We keep going and want to edge closer on Tuesday.”

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