Daniel Farke: We have to stay level

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke spoke about the importance of remaining level-headed following Saturday’s 2-0 loss at Everton in the Premier League.

“We lost the game so my mood is not high,” he said. “It was a tight game and our game plan more or less worked. We wanted to be more compact today and rock solid. We were solid from the first second and didn’t allow them one chance in the first half apart from the penalty.

“We needed 25 minutes to find higher pressing areas, be more brave and be better in our possession, but from then we had periods when we dominated and controlled the game. We definitely weren’t the worst side and had the better chances.

“When I think of the shots from Mathias Normann and the chances with the header of Ben Gibson, the key thing was that we didn’t use our chances. Ben should have scored but I thought Lucas Digne should have had a card for handball.

“We lost the ball unnecessarily before the second goal and invited them into a counter and they buried the game. We’re not far away today and the key moments were against us. It’s tough to take but it’s the reality of why we lost the game.

“We had the chances to score in an away game. Perhaps the referee was too respectful not to give Digne a card in front of the home crowd but if you give a free-kick for a handball then I think it should be a card.

“If you’re chasing a game with 25 minutes to play and playing in overload, there’s a great chance that there’s a different outcome than a loss.

“It was a bit annoying that I had to substitute Mathias Normann, who was great in the game but had some cramps in his hamstrings and we need him for the upcoming games.

“I can’t complain too much. Goodison Park was pretty quiet and started to get annoyed in the second half because we played in their half and the lads would have deserved the equaliser.

“We didn’t do this so we have to stay self-critical and speak about the topics we can improve to win points, which is our task for the upcoming week.

“We have to stay levelled and analyse it in the right way. It was the wrong decision for VAR to overturn it for the penalty. Before the season started, we said if the player wants to use a situation to create a penalty, it’s never given.

“The referee was right because he felt it during the game and put the ball out for a goal-kick. The player used the high leg of Ozan Kabak to dive about it. I was annoyed that VAR forced the referee to watch it back. In slow motion, it looks different and everyone expects him to give a penalty.

“An experienced player like Allan used the situation. We’re not naive and Ozan shouldn’t put his leg there but it was the wrong decision to overturn it. We will stay balanced and look at how to improve our behaviour and use our chances more convincingly.

“There’s no replacement for points. The earlier we can get off the mark the better. You have to win against the teams around you and we should have won against Watford. We want to pick up a point on the road or a surprising win.

“If we perform like this and use our chances better than we can win points. We need a really good training week to focus on the Burnley game and will try our best to win.”

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