Daniel Farke: We must finish the season if it's safe

Daniel Farke believes the Premier League season should be played out to a conclusion if it’s deemed safe to do so.

The English top-flight, like many other European leagues, is currently on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the league waiting for guidance from the government on whether or not to resume, the Norwich City head coach has offered his thoughts on what should happen.

Farke said: “My general opinion is that we should try everything in order to finish the season out of many reasons.

“It’s our job and we all want to do our job. There are of course financial reasons out of fairness. When I think about Liverpool, for example, we all got the feeling for their great work they deserve to have the chance to win the title.

“Or for a team like Sheffield United, they deserve to fight for Europe after a great season. Or for us, we deserve to work on our little miracle and stay in this league.

“We also have a great chance in the FA Cup. We deserve to take our chance to try to win this competition.

“It would be good if the Premier League restarts to have a different topic for the mood of the country and to have a few other topics to speak about other than the virus.”

On the other hand, the Canaries’ boss thinks the safety of the general public is paramount and the resumption of football should not stall the progress being made on fighting COVID-19.

“There are many, many reasons why we should finish the season. But in general, it’s also important right now just to do this when everything is safe and we are able to do this,” added Farke.

“My general attitude is we should try hard to finish the season but if there’s a situation that we can save just one life by not finishing the season, we need to do this.

“All the money, the good mood and fairness aspects are not important when it’s about the lives of human beings. If we finish the season and risk the life of one human being, we shouldn’t do this.”

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