Daniel Farke: We will strike back

Norwich City Head Coach Daniel Farke insists that his side will stick together and work to rectify their mistakes from Saturday’s 5-1 defeat to Aston Villa.

Reviewing the game, Farke said that the injury crisis and individual mistakes combined to give City a mountain to climb against Villa.

“It’s a disappointing day, without a doubt,” he said. “To lose the game while conceding five goals is tough to take. Too many problems came together. It’s not easy when everything is against you with injuries to deliver a big surprise on a weekly basis, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

“We have to accept the loss. We had too many mistakes in several areas – the first two goals were easy crossing situations. The players who lost the ball before the third and fourth goal never usually do in those areas. They didn’t have the best days, and Villa were clinical enough to finish in those situations.”

Trying to find positives in the game, Farke said that his side’s desire to score right until the end of the game was encouraging, as Josip Drmic scored his first goal in yellow and green.

“I liked that we stuck together until the end and tried everything to score a goal,” he added. “We forced a mistake off the goalkeeper and were able to score. We have to stick together in tough situations. Before the season, we said there would be tough times. It’s easy to speak about it in a theoretical way and say that we will stick together, but then you have to experience these moments.

“We have to stick together until the 38th game. There will be some setbacks and today isn’t the only difficult day of the season, I’m pretty sure, but I liked that our supporters were singing ‘On the Ball, City’ even though we were losing. My feeling is that we will strike back, and we will have the mental strength to stick together in these difficult days.

“We need some players back, or we’re not competitive at this level. We won’t get everyone back for the Bournemouth game, but I’m sure we’ll never have a situation like today again. It’s up to us to go again.”

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