David Wright: We lacked aggression and killer instinct

Norwich City Under-23s head coach David Wright described Friday’s 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa as ‘a nearly night’ for the Canaries.

Despite looking dominant during the game’s opening half-hour, City failed to punish Villa and lived to regret it when the home side showed a more clinical edge.

“It probably wasn’t a 3-0 performance, but that’s how it ended up so we can’t really argue with it,” Wright said after the game.

“I just felt that we lacked real intensity in our work at times. Recently, we’ve been really hard to play against but had a bit of nasty in us as well; aggressive and on the front foot.

“I thought we were a bit too nice tonight and too passive. I felt that we had to drive it on the sidelines rather than what they’ve done over the last few games, which is driving it themselves, and that’s so much more powerful - when the players drive it.

“We lacked that real aggression tonight and killer instinct. The game ended up fizzling out really.

“We had more shots on target than them but it felt like it was a nearly night. We nearly closed someone down or nearly got a good shot off. We nearly defended, so that’s what it felt like. Unfortunately, in this game if you’re nearly there it ends up biting you on the backside.”

Centre-back Akin Famewo went off injured just beyond the half-hour mark, but Wright insisted the knock was nothing too serious.

“It was more of a precaution than anything,” he said. “It’s a hip flexor and he was coming just to get some game time.”

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