Gallery: Opening of the SoccerBot360 system

Norwich City have installed a new SoccerBot360 system at the Lotus Training Centre.

The first of its kind in this country, the system helps players improve their scanning, first touch and passing skills using a 360 projector screen and a number of computer programmes. It also has the ability for players to relive in game situations and work on their decision making and passing skills from previous matches.

Speaking about the new system our head of data, strategy and innovation John Iga said: “The SoccerBot offers us a unique opportunity to test key cognitive skills that we know will be important for future elite performers.

"It will give players the ability to recognise cues, to make quick decisions and execute key technical skills in a controlled environment. We will have the opportunity to test those areas and where the players are at in terms of that.

"And from the information that we get from that testing, we will be able to provide focused training activities to help them in areas where they might not be so strong, but if they are strong already make those areas stronger.

"We can be really laser precise in terms of in prescribing activities for them with specific training programmes."

A number of German clubs have already installed the SoccerBot360 to great effect and Daniel Held (pictured above), managing director of SoccerBot360, added the fact that Norwich City are the first club to use the system in the UK, says a lot about them.

"It says the club is very innovative, but also that the club cares about the academy and bringing academy players to the first team because that is where we can help."

He added that the SoccerBot360 system is the future of football training, especially as it can import previous matches into its programmes and test and analyse a decision made by a player on matchday.

"I think that is the future of football training because you can relive real situations from Premier League matches," he said. "We can import a Premier League game and we can recreate that for the player so he can see what the actual player saw in the game and, for example, make a passing decision again.

"We want to help players make faster and better decisions on the pitch. That is our mission."

Members of the local and national media were invited to the Lotus Training Centre today to view the new SoccerBot360 system. You can take a look at a gallery of images from the launch below.

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