Gregg Broughton offers insight into the Canaries' Academy

YOU may have noticed that our Under-18s form picked up recently with back-to-back wins over Leicester City and Southampton.

As I spoke about in my previous blog, we have decided to move all our second-year scholars into the Under-21s group, which has freed up some space in our Under-18s for a number of our Under-16s players.

When you put that many youngsters into a group, some may see it as a risk – but it’s not at all. It’s only a win-win situation because you find out which players come up a little bit short, and that then means you can work individually with them. Also, players sometimes go in there and absolutely fly, and we’ve seen that in recent games.

We’ve been delighted with all of the players who have been in there and involved.

The Under-16s have lost only one game all season at their level. It’s not about results, but that indicates the level of where they’re at. That group plays with so much belief and so much confidence, and physically they are an excellent group so they have no problems mixing it in the Under-18s.

In terms of where the Under-15s and Under-16s are at the moment, it’s as strong a group of players as we’ve had at the Club for the last five years.

Our Under-21s secured an excellent win over Manchester City in the week.

I know everybody keeps saying this, and I don’t want to sound like a broken tape, but what the fans do here is unbelievable. It takes the team to the next level. Would the team have had the energy to keep going and keep pushing for that win if the crowd wasn’t there? I don’t think so.

We were very pleased with the second half performance. I thought we dominated and should have scored early in the half, but then we did score late in the half. We were competing against one of the richest clubs in the world, one of the biggest Academies in England who have just unveiled a multi-million pound training ground, yet here we are with a positive result.

The FC Porto International Cup match, which is to be played on March 4 at Colney, is a huge game. We spent two months negotiating with Porto to try and get the game at Carrow Road, but their team plays in a professional league, so they’ve got a 40-game season to fulfil so they couldn’t quite squeeze it in. If we get a draw or a win, we play Athletic Bilbao in the quarter finals, and we will do everything to get that game in front of the fans at Carrow Road.

Cameron McGeehan has gone on loan to Luton until the end of the season, and he deserves that opportunity.

It’s important for our supporters to know that when we make a decision like that one, it’s a joined-up decision. For a central midfielder to break into our first team at the moment is very tough. I believe we’ve got the best midfielders in the Championship. Cameron has been unlucky that he’s up against such competition, so we wish him the very best at Luton.

If there are any others to go out on loan, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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