Jeremy Goss: This crest has to be an inspiration for us all

Norwich City legend and club ambassador Jeremy Goss, who was part of the consulting process for the club's recently announced new crest, has given his view on the changes. Jeremy, tell us about your involvement in the process of designing the new crest.

JG: I was very luckily selected to be one of the individuals that made up a team, a squad of people that came together to discuss the branding, the logo and see if it can be changed, needs to be changed or have a conversation around it and see where it develops with an agency involved.

I count myself quite fortunate and very privileged to be involved in that meeting. What were your feelings when you were first asked to be involved in what is a landmark project for this club?

JG: It is a landmark project, I’m pleased that you’ve described it that way. I came to this football club in 1981/82 and I remember that crest since the very first time I saw it. It stands in my memory now, so I’ve got a fond connection with it as many fans have done.

I desperately didn’t want them to make radical, dramatic changes, but I can understand the reasoning behind it and I can understand the reasoning to bring it forward, to shape it into where we are today in 2021. There’s an obvious reason to have that discussion.

I didn’t really want them to tamper with it that much, but make subtle changes. Obviously, the castle and lion were outstanding, as is that huge canary sat on top of that ball, and I think the whole thing really captures what we’re about in terms of the strength and the passion that we have as a football club. It’s in there and I didn’t want them to make dramatic changes. How important is the element of discussing the process with supporters early on?

JG: Really important that we bring the fans with us in whatever we do. I speak having been part of the meeting, it’s crucial that we involve them, get their thoughts and ideas and get their understanding too.

Their acceptance that they likewise are looking to re-vamp it, re-shake it, and make it a little bit more modern... I think a lot of the fans would be similar to me in the fact that they didn’t want to make these big riding changes that is something that’s not NCFC anymore, they wanted it to be just as subtle as what I did, so that was nice to hear.

It was a great opportunity for the fans to get their thoughts and opinions over, which they did. It’s absolutely crucial that the football club, whatever it does, goes alongside the fans and gets their ideas and involvement. It’s a real big part of Norwich City - the togetherness. Are you pleased with the new crest?

JG: Yes I am. As I’ve just described, the fact that the castle and the lion and the canary and the ball remains is wonderful to me. It was open for huge changes if we wanted and desired that, so I’m delighted that it has ended up being something a bit sharper, a bit more modern, a bit more futuristic, but just as powerful when players see it and when fans see it.

This crest has to be an inspiration for us all and I believe the changes that have been made to it have actually inspired and will inspire future players when they come in and see something so modern, so futuristic, and so full of strength and meaning. It will let them carry on through this club with an identity.

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