Josh Sargent: I’ve always dreamed of this

Norwich City’s newest recruit, American forward Josh Sargent, has told that it’s a dream come true to be joining a Premier League side. Welcome to Norwich City. How does it feel to be announced as a player here?

JS: It feels great. I’ve always wanted to play in the Premier League so it’s a very exciting opportunity for me. Talk us through some of the reasons why you’ve chosen this as the next destination in your career.

JS: I think the Premier League is the best league in the world and it’s going to push me and challenge me to be a better player. I heard it’s a good group of guys and I talked with the head coach already and I really like what they’re trying to do here at Norwich. I’m very excited to get started. What have the last few days been like for you, since you first heard about the interest the club had shown?

JS: I still had a priority at Werder Bremen. We had started our league already and had a couple of games. It’s hard to keep playing there and talk with other teams, it’s a lot going on, but I’m finally here and very excited to get started. You’ve had a chance to look around the facilities at Lotus Training Centre. What have you made of your new workplace?

JS: Everything looks good so far and I’m excited to meet all the guys. What has your knowledge been of Norwich City as a club?

JS: To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot, but I know they’ve been in the Premier League before and hopefully this time we can stay in the league and put a good effort in. What were your conversations like with Daniel Farke and Stuart Webber?

JS: I see how talented the whole team is and the manager - the way he speaks about how he wants to play football and play against the other teams - it sounds very attractive to me and I think it will really fit my style of gameplay. How have your experiences in the Bundesliga shaped you into the player you are today?

JS: I’m still very young and to get so many, not only games, but starts and to get so much time in the games has helped me gain a lot of experience and hopefully I can bring it here to the Premier League. What positions can you play and what do you hope to bring to the team on the pitch?

JS: I like to think my main position is a number nine, but I am also very versatile. No matter where I play, everyone can expect that I will give my all, my one hundred percent and hopefully score some goals. You must be feeling fit, sharp and ready to get cracking.

JS: For sure. I was one of the most fit guys at Bremen so let’s see how I compare to the other guys here. Do you have to pinch yourself that your dream of playing in the Premier League is about to become a reality?

JS: I think it’s hard to realise at the moment but I’m sure on the weekend when we have our first game it will become very real very fast. Did you speak to anyone about moving here, maybe a former teammate?

JS: Yeah, I talked to Milot Rashica a lot about it and he’s only had positive things to say about here. It must help settling into the team to have a familiar face.

JS: It’s definitely a plus knowing him. He can introduce me to all of the guys. I was already going to feel comfortable coming here but having him will help a lot. It’s quite a difficult start to the Premier League but you must be excited to get going.

JS: I’ve always dreamed of this so I’m very excited. There will be a capacity crowd at Carrow Road on Saturday, so to experience a full stadium on your first game will be some experience.

JS: It’s been a while. I played a couple of games this season with a few thousand and already it was a crazy feeling so I can’t imagine what it will be like this weekend.

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