Liam Gibbs: I love leading by example

Norwich City midfielder Liam Gibbs told about his move to the club from Ipswich Town, which was announced on Friday morning. Liam, welcome to Norwich City. How does it feel to have signed here?

LG: I am very, very excited. I am looking forward to starting my journey as soon as possible. It is a new step for me and for my career and I am looking to make the most of it and showcase my talent and hopefully, I can help the club keep moving forward. What was it about Norwich and the set up here that made you want to join the club?

LG: I have seen young players in the past that have gone through the academy and into the first team. It (Norwich) is a good club for bringing players through and I just want to be the next one to get into the first team and make things happen. I see a clear pathway for me, and I am just excited to get started and to fulfil my potential and show what I can do.

The pathway is definitely something I have look at as to why I have decided to come here. I see a clear pathway for me, and I am just excited to get started and to fulfil my potential and show what I can do. It is a very brave decision you have made to have joined from Ipswich Town, but one I suppose you thought long and hard about and was the right decision for you and your football career?

LG: I have got to do what’s best for my career, at the end of the day, and I felt like this was the club that I needed to come to. It is not ideal being the rival club, but I am happy with my decision, and I am sure it will be beneficial for me and my career. I just wanted to get started now. I have been here waiting for it to happen and now I am ready to go in, get started, meet the team and play some football. Just tell us a bit about yourself as a player and your style of play?

LG: I like to be on the ball, I like to pass the ball and I like to make things happen and create chances, to be a goalscorer and to assist. That is what I want to do, to create chances at the top end of the pitch. You have been captain as well of the under-15, under-16 and under-18 sides at Ipswich Town. How much did you enjoy that responsibility?

LG: I love leading the team and leading by example. That is what I want to do. I like to be a leader on the pitch and off the pitch and be a good role model for everyone. Hopefully, I can come here and use my leadership skills and be a good team player. You had a very successful campaign as well last season reaching the FA Youth Cup semi-final. What was that experience like for you?

LG: That was an amazing experience, getting to the semi-finals of the Youth Cup as an underdog in most of our rounds, really. It was amazing and a great team performance. I have won trophies in the past with Ipswich and I hope to come here and do the same. Win some trophies, put in some good team performances and go on go on a bit of a cup run with the team.

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