Matt Windle: We are really proud to be associated with Norwich City

Managing director of the Lotus Group Matt Windle spoke of his pride at the sponsorship deal his company has with Norwich City following a tour of the training facilities on Thursday.

Lotus have sponsored the club's training ground since August 2019 and, in that time, there have been many developments at the site, including a new SoccerBot360 system which was unveiled as part of the tour.

It is the first of its kind in the UK and will help players with their first touch, scanning and passing skills by using a 360-degree projector and computer programmes to put players through a number of different scenarios, including reliving previous match scenarios and their decisions.

"It has been really impressive to see the facilities here," said Matt, whose company Lotus are also the club's front of shirt sponsors.

"The facilities are truly world class and the SoccerBot360 is such a great innovation. It is great to see that Norwich are leading with the innovation. They are the first club in the UK to take this technology and I think it will be a very popular edition."

As well as being front of shirt and training centre sponsors, Lotus have also backed the club's academy for a number of seasons.

Matt Windle added that it is a great partnership Lotus has with Norwich, because of the similar ethoses of the two businesses.

"We are two icons of Norfolk but it goes beyond that as well," he said. "Norwich and Lotus are both known for their innovation. I think both the club, and our company, have the same ethos. We are family companies and clubs. It is just wonderful for us. We are really proud to be sponsoring the training centre here and the academy as well and I hope both the businesses (Norwich and Lotus) will grow together.

"We were meant to be together weren’t we? We have even got the same colours, we are in the same county and we have got the same ethos. So for us it is a long term relationship and we just want to see that relationship grow with the fans, the players, the staff and the facilities as well. We are in it for the long haul."

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