Inside City's 2015 Germany training camp

'ROOMIES'. Two roommates. Five questions. First to go, City captain Russell Martin and full-back Steven Whittaker...

Q: Which of you is the tidiest?

Martin: Definitely me. You should go and check our room right now. His socks will be on the floor and his pants will be on the floor. He's not really untidy, he's just laid-back whereas I like to be tidy. He'll probably say he's tidier, but he's definitely messier than me. His towels are just left on the side but mine are always placed nicely - and I do the same with his!

Whittaker: I'd say me, but I bet he said himself. He said I leave my stuff on the floor? Now he's just making that up.

Q: Who's the last to get out of bed?

Martin: We set the alarm and we both get up at the same time actually. Obviously there are times when we are away when it's different, but generally we're both ok at getting up.

Whittaker: We're quite similar to be honest. I usually set the alarm and then we both get up, but he's always the one who opens the curtains. Then I'm always the one who goes in the bathroom first.

Q: Which of you takes the longest to get ready?

Martin: (considers his answer) Well he takes a long time to blow-dry his hair now and flick it up... It's probably me, but not because I'm vain or anything! I take longer in the mornings.

Whittaker: Russell definitely. I'm always waiting for him. He's always on his phone, that's the thing. I'll just get ready quickly and then he'll be there on his phone saying 'you need to get ready'.

Q: Who snores the loudest?

Martin: He does, definitely. I don't snore. He doesn't 'snore' really, but he just breathes so heavily; it's so annoying, I wish he did snore! He sighs a lot in his sleep and he does talk sometimes as well.

Whittaker: He'll say me, and I'll probably take that one to be honest. I snore so I've been told, but I don't think it's all the time.

Q: Why does he make the ideal roommate?

Martin: By default because neither of us had any roomies... No, not really! We're comfortable with our routine pre-match. We both go to sleep at a similar time and we both get up at a similar time. He's very easy to room with - and we like to sing the Scottish national anthem before we go to sleep!

Whittaker: We're quite similar in what we like to do to prepare for matches, so it falls pretty nicely.


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