Shaun Howes: It was a real positive step to where we want to get to

Norwich City Women’s head coach Shaun Howes says the team’s loss to Enfield Town Ladies still showed excellent signs of improvement.

The Canaries lost the match 4-1 at The Nest on Sunday and, despite falling to their third loss of the season, Shaun says the team should be encouraged by their improvements.

“I think it was a real positive step to where we want to get to," he said. "I thought we played really well in the first half; just individual errors cost us two goals. We were chasing an equaliser in the second half, then got caught with a bit of a sucker punch penalty, which killed us really because we were chasing it.

“Overall, it was a really positive performance, just a shame the result didn’t reflect on the strides the team has made over the last few weeks.

“We’re just disappointed that the girls aren’t seeing some positive results from their hard work, but we have no doubt that it will come, it’s just a shame it didn’t come on Sunday.

“Hopefully it’ll come soon, and we’ll start moving forward. The girls have put so much hard work in, it’ll be nice for them to get some rewards for it.”

With many new faces in the squad new to this season, getting to know each other is part of the challenge as weeks go by, which Shaun admits was more difficult than the team initially thought, but assures it’s coming along.

“They’re getting used to each other more and understanding the way we want to play. Some are coming from youth football and learning the adult game, then we’ve got some girls who are coming from other teams.

“The more we train and the more we play, they’re getting used to it. I think they realised how difficult it would be to integrate because they’re all good players, you just assume they’ll get into it. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but they’re getting there.

“We had a few back and they made their impact, a little bit of rust was evident with some of them, but they were back, and it showed in our performance. We had a few more senior players to help out the younger players, I think it was a week too soon for them to really excel though because they’ve been out for so long."

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