Stars of the West End set to perform high octane, family show full of Queen classics tonight

People coming to watch an Evening of Queen at Carrow Road on Thursday evening should expect a high octane show full of joy, according to lead singer Ricardo Alfonso.

Ricardo, who is regarded as one of the finest vocal talents in the industry, will be back with fellow stars of the West End to perform Queen’s greatest hits at Carrow Road stadium, with tickets available here.

Having played the lead role in We Will Rock You and toured an Evening of Queen around the country, Ricardo says it is always a joy for him to perform as Freddie Mercury and because of the music’s popularity it is a show that attracts people from all generations.

“It is a high-octane show, which is great fun for the whole family,” he said. “We have got a great band on stage, bags of experience and performers from the West End straight to you guys. We have been doing this for a few years now and this show is really, really good fun.

“To sing Queen music now it is always a joy. I was lucky enough to be a part of the We Will Rock You Show in London’s West End. It was an incredible show, and it was always special every single night.

“Queen is almost part of my DNA. I love the songs, I love the band and Freddie (Mercury) is a fantastic character and an amazing influence on me and the way I perform. It is a fantastic show, and I couldn’t recommend it any higher.”

Ricardo, having performed at Carrow Road before, says he loves the atmosphere at the venue and looking out into the audience and seeing so many people of different ages enjoying the music.

“I have got a 10-year-old and an eight year-old and I have got plenty of Queen albums at home and my dad, when he was alive, was a fan of Queen as well,” explained Ricardo.

“So, it spans the generations and this is what you get when you look into the audience. You see young children, people my age and people older. It is incredible that this band is still so accurate and contemporary in its music today. You can feel it. On stage all of us are buzzing and the audience have that as well for that extra sparkle. It is a great family show an if you are wondering what to do in Norwich on Thursday night, then come and see us for sure.”

Ricardo adds that he puts Freddie Mercury as the best performer of all time and, while he admits it is impossible to reach the heights of the flamboyant singer, it is great to walk in his shoes.

“He was fantastic and his music is in a world of its own. I love singing Queen, I know the entire repertoire, and for me it is more like a way of being performing these songs. I love every moment and a live every song. I have got my favourites, but the entire repertoire is just the best music that there is.

“My favourite depends on the mood that I am in. There is one in particular that is close to my heart though, which is the Show Must Go On! I can still remember the first time that I put Innuendo on, and the song came up. I was completely awestruck by Freddie’s performance. Obviously, none of us where aware what was really going on. That this was Freddie’s farewell.

“To have that in your mind, conscious that you are about leave what you most love, to leave all of your fans, to still have that positivity to say that I am going, but I am going standing up, I think Freddie was trying to tell us that we have the strength to overcome all of our obstacles.”

Tickets for an Evening with Queen are available to purchase directly from here or by phone on 01603 721902 (option four) during normal office hours.

A variety of general admission and VIP packages are available, but numbers are limited so make sure to book quickly to avoid missing out!

The show will start at 7:30pm and end around 10pm. Should you require accessible seating, please email