Thanksgiving 2021: Josh Sargent shares his celebration memories

To mark Thanksgiving 2021, we caught up with Norwich City forward Josh Sargent to find out about his experiences of celebrating the event in the United States. How have you traditionally celebrated Thanksgiving growing up?

JS: Every year, we would go to my grandma’s house and there would be a big table and we had sections of adults and sections of kids on the table. We would go to her house with a bunch of food and my cousins and all of our family there, and just eat as much as possible I guess! The last time I did it was maybe when I was 13, so definitely been a while. What was your role on the day of Thanksgiving, did you contribute to the food?

JS: No, I think the best thing for me is to stay away from the food for everybody’s sake! What was it like having Thanksgiving in Germany and how different is it compared to America?

JS: It’s not the same as it’s not a big holiday here in England or in Germany. In Germany, it was just my wife and I and we didn’t really have anybody else so we just made a small meal and did our own thing, nothing that really compared to the big Thanksgiving feast that everybody thinks about, but this year both of my parents and little sister are coming over to Norwich for the first time, so we’re going to try do to the best we can with a big feast and see what we can throw together! You have to be more wary of what you eat as a professional athlete, so has that affected the celebrations since you were younger?

JS: I wouldn’t say too much, I guess I have to avoid the dessert a little more! Aside from that, I think everything is fair game. We have lots of Norwich City fans who follow the club from America. What’s it like to know that they’re supporting the lads in the early hours of the morning?

JS: It’s pretty awesome. I remember myself waking up, there’d be breakfast ready and my dad would turn on a game. It’s an awesome feeling waking up and being able to watch the Premier League like that, so I think Americans being able to turn on the TV to see other Americans playing in this league is a pretty cool feeling and gets them excited.

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