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The Boss on his side being fully focussed for a complicated game

Daniel Farke said they face a complicated game against Queens Park Rangers on Saturday following Steve McClaren’s departure as manager earlier this week.

The City boss said his side will need to be fully focussed from the whistle and concentrate on their own game.

He said: “It’s always a difficult task, especially to play the first game after a change in this position, because you don’t know what will happen right now in personal terms and if they change perhaps the base formation. It’s pretty difficult to prepare the players for this game.

“On the other hand, you have to say they can’t bring any new players in and it’s not like the quality of the players who are there will change. It’s always the same after a change in this position and it always feels like there is a bit of fresh air.

“In this moment some players will come in who were not involved so much before and they want to prove that they should play in the starting line-up and also the players who were formerly involved will want to show that it was not up to them that there were some poor results. And they will think there is a new coach already in the stand and they will want to show that they are there with good quality and in the plans for the future.

“So, we have to be fully focussed from the first second to the last second on our processes and our game in order to be successful.

“We need to be there with the same workload and the same commitment and desire like in all the other games because if you are there with just 2% less then you have no chance to win any points in this league.

“It’s never a guarantee that we will win this game, but my feeling is we are not too carried away because of our brilliant form at the moment and we are pretty focussed.”

City’s match will kick-off the weekend’s Championship fixtures at 12.30pm, but Farke said they don’t feel any added pressure knowing they can get early points on the board. 

“You always have to focus and concentrate on what you can influence and the only thing we can influence is our game against QPR and if we are able to win three points, one point or no points,” he said.

“We have to let the table take care of itself, so it’s more like we just have to focus on each and every task and right now in our heads is just to get some points out of this game.

“We know that it will be complicated and we are not speaking about what will happen in two weeks or what is happening with the opponents. We are not playing against Leeds, Sheffield United or West Brom, we are playing against QPR and all we can do is fully focus on this game and to be at our best.”

Queens Park Rangers currently sit 17th in the table and their last league win came against Leeds United on February 26.

Farke said: “When this team is able to be there just a few weeks ago with a clean sheet and a win against Leeds then it shows there is quality without any doubt and in autumn they were the team of the moment with five or six wins on the spin and Steve McClaren was the manager of the month.

"They are capable of scoring goals and we are unbelievably respectful. And in the last four games there were two draws and two times they lost by one goal so it’s not like they were poor and blown away.”

Farke once again called on the fans to make Carrow Road a fortress and get behind the team as they have done all season. 

He said: “There will be some difficult periods in the next seven games but we need in each and every minute the support of our fans, especially in those periods when it’s a bit difficult on the pitch, and I totally trust our supporters that we have the support because the atmosphere, the spirit and the unity is unbelievable at the moment.

"It’s a big reason why we are successful because the players feel each and every day proud that they are allowed to wear this yellow shirt."

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