Timm Klose: We're angry

Timm Klose said his teammates were angry and embarrassed by their final defeat to Sheffield Wednesday.

Atdhe Nuhiu struck a hattrick as Norwich went down 5-1, and Klose apologised to the fans.

“The fans deserved for us to apologise to them at the end of the game,” Klose told the media post-match. “For them to have to see rubbish like that after travelling on a Sunday with nothing to play for, you have to apologise to them.”

City controlled much of the play, but missed several chances to score and couldn’t deal with the threat of Nuhiu.

“Not only was it painful but it was embarrassing,” Klose said. “It was the last game, beautiful weather, good crowd. And we should have gone out and enjoyed the game – but that doesn’t mean you stop fighting, and we didn’t do enough of that today. So we deserved it. 7

“It was schoolkids against adults. Mistakes happen, but it’s how you react and we didn’t react well enough.”

It was a poor way for City to finish the season, and Klose says the team must learn from their mistakes next season.

“We have to do better next season. It’s annoying and painful. It’s been a transition season for everyone but we have to learn from our mistakes. We have time off now, and then it starts again.

“We have to learn to win games that we’re controlling. We need to calm down because we’re angry, and we have to stick together as a team.”

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