"We've worked tirelessly to keep the public safe" - PC Shaun Newby

We recently invited a selection of key workers to Carrow Road to help launch our 2020-21 away kit, and spoke to them about how they've supported the local community over the COVID-19 pandemic.

First up is Shaun Newby, PC for the Norfolk Constabulary in the driver training team. How have you been supporting the community over the pandemic? 

SN: Basically, I work in a really small team of six in the driver training team. When the pandemic really started to become a problem, we worked collaboratively with the East Anglian Ambulance Trust and we spent six weeks continuously training their staff as a contingency for them if, due to sickness, they lost a lot of their frontline resources. It was a really good team effort on behalf of all the people I work with. How did you find that period? It must’ve been quite a testing time. 

SN: It was really hard work, we only had about four or five days off in that six weeks, but I think everybody realised that they were doing their bit and trying to make a difference for what could’ve been a critical time for us. What was your reaction when you were asked to come to the kit shoot at Carrow Road? 

SN: I’m proud to be here on behalf of Norfolk Constabulary, it’s recognition for all of my colleagues really. All of my colleagues have worked tirelessly through this to keep all of the public safe. Are you a Norwich fan or a football fan in general? 

SN: I’ve been a Norwich fan for many years, I used to pay 50p to get into the River End with my dad with a milk crate! You’ve had a chance to see the new kit, what are your thoughts on that? 

SN: I think it’s great, it’s really different, I think it’ll be good, I like it!

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